Free Gems Mobile Legends

Introducing a new player on Mobile Legends

When you start the game you will be grouped together with 4 other people (i.e. each group has a total of five members) and they will be your allies to destroy the base or center of operations of existing enemies. Next to them you will also have a map divided into 3 lanes, where each of these lanes has a specific amount of turrets or high-powered weapons and effectiveness.

Main objective of the game

The main objective of the game is to take your army through the different lanes, while destroying each tower that crosses and prevents the corresponding route to the base of our interest. Similarly, it is necessary to consider that attacks on turrets can only be carried out when your team is close enough to them, because otherwise you will become the target of all attacks and additionally could damage your levels and status, as well as your ranking within the game and the site of Mobile Legends.

Heroes and characters of MOBA

Just like any other game with MOBA mode, this title does not escape having a great list of options and offers as far as interpreters are concerned. Initially some of the heroes are free, although the rest, as the game progresses, must be purchased in a paid way.

On the other hand, fortunately there is the option of rotation of the heroes with which it is possible to go trying these diverse characters. This is a weekly offer that will have a new group of completely free heroes with which you will be able to play during that specific period of time. In that sense, one of the strengths of this option, besides allowing you to try, discover or discard certain characters, is that when the rotation ends you could place your Battle Points (battle points) for a specific hero whose skills you already know and manage to convince you enough to take that risk.

How do you acquire heroes or characters?

The way to make transactions in the middle of this game is through Battle Points or Gems. For the specific case of the gems, these are the official currency where all the real money will be registered, to which will be added also (or subtracted depending on the case) the points each time you finish a battle or, in its defect, you lose some of the games. Similarly, initially the player will have a considerable amount of battle points, which allows, according to their performance, can make purchases of heroes of a cheap or medium price that serve until you have the opportunity to acquire a higher value and performance.

Some of the outstanding heroes in Mobile Legends

  • Layla: by default at the beginning of the game the hero (or heroine itself) you will receive is Layla. This is what makes her one of the best performing characters, as well as one with whom you can best manage the points that are available. She is a marksmar (shooter), that is, a character with better qualities at a distance which makes her an excellent option to attack towers while the rest of the characters take care of their duties within the mission. It also has great potential for melee fighting, as well as for defeating heroes on the enemy side or for dealing serious damage through relentless destruction rush.
  • Alucard: He is a hero with the characteristics of a combatant par excellence. His abilities make him one of the best options in case of confrontations that require closeness, since he is very effective in these cases against other heroes or armies. He is one of the characters who, thanks to his type, is able to do great damage. However, his abilities and the range of these will depend on the style of play that is given, although if you are going hunting for heroes or plotting the best strategy to the goal (the base), do not hesitate to take it into consideration within your first options. On the other hand, a plus for this hero is how he recovers his health after each attack he receives, which can eventually be boosted for a limited time thanks to the development of the rest of his skills.
  • Fanny: although his offensive may be one of the best within Mobile Legends: Bang Bang, thanks to its complexity this is somewhat difficult to understand. He doesn’t usually get too many hits, but of course the ideal is to provide him with the best defense items, as well as health and damage options until he finds an option that is flattering. In addition, your attack is able to leave a prey marker on whoever the hero you are dealing with and using this skill on someone else will still be able to increase the percentage of damage that is done.

Earning free Gems in Mobile Legends

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Free Gems Mobile Legends